Salesforce XD Logo Exersize

year 2013

Before joining the XD team at, I participated in a competitive branding competition internally to create a unique brand for the design team "XD" short for Experience Design. Option 2 was ultimately the selected mark and lived on to be used in a multitude of applications from new business pitches and project memos, to t-shirts and temporary tattoos.


Direction 1

The idea here was to make the internal group "XD" feel young and modern and like a joke you weren't totally in on, but wanted to be. Intentionally a little more cryptic with the "XD" formation, and really playing up the "X" as a graphic that could stand on it's own.


Direction 2

The idea here was to use the "X" and the "D" shapes to add an arrow in the negative space between the locked up characters. Not the most original idea I've ever had, but it went over really well with our intended audience, who ultimately selected this direction for its short lived existence.


- Additional Sketches -