Premier Brand Refresh

Year: 2012


Premier Service (formerly Premier Landscape Contractors) needed to evolve their brand to better reflect how the business had grown from a small boutique landscape contracting company to a full service luxury brand offering deep expertise across a multitude of services for both commercial and residential clients. The biggest challenge was to design a system that not only stood out in the competitive space, but also offered the ability for Premier to go to market as a whole but also as a specific expertise like Masonry or Design.

Key Services:
•  Discovery
•  Planning
•  Competitive Research
•  Naming
•  Brand Development
•  Brand Roll Out (stationary, print collateral, advertising ... etc)

Understand what problem your really solving for upfront. With Premier, it started as a website redesign problem but ended up really being a branding problem. The Premier brand did not communicate accurately what Premier offered and did provide the needed flexibility to communicate deep expertise in a variety of areas. We would have never uncovered this has we not done extensive stakeholder interviews and research upfront to understand the problem space. By doing so, and working closely with the Premier team we were able to realize that separate digital properties were needed to serve potential clients.