McDonald's Multichannel Experience Scoping

Year: 2012


McDonald’s: E-commerce Scoping

I worked with a team at McDonald's corporation to develop nine experience stories to showcase key desired experiences and to drive out the features and functionality needed to deliver these experiences.

1. On the go promotions & ordering
2. Finding a store & customized ordering
3. Ordering a favorite item: Kiosk
4. Ordering a favorite meal: Drive Thru
5. Store managing promotions
6. Ordering for a group
7. Creating a basic account
8. Enhancing an account
9. Retrieving customer credentials

Why Visual Scenarios?

I've often experienced that the more you can visually explain something, a concept, a brand, a feature, a requirement, an interaction or transition - the easier it is to ensure alignment around a common view of what that feature/thing is for a product. Prototyping - even in flat static comps can be extremely helpful in testing and POC-ing out your intent.

Year: 2012