John Deere Data Vision Journey

Year: 2014


In 2014, John Deere approached Salesforce to engage in a conversation around how they could help steer the topic of data and agriculture. At the time, this was (and might still be) and exciting topic as various players in the Ag world try and approach a common problem from different vantages:

How do we smartly leverage data to produce food better, faster and cheaper than ever before?

Salesforce, known for leveraging data to help foster richer conversations between brands and customers, began working with Deere to understand the space and how data played a part in the next big wave of change in how we produce food globally. After a few rounds of conversations it became clear that we needed to give Deere a story to highlight to executive leaders what the potential results of farming based on data could have for not just farmers, but the entire agriculture ecosystem. A story that showed how the key players in Agriculture (Ag) related to, consumed, created, and understood data to better how they did their jobs.

We started by doing a rapid fire series of interviews with Farmers (producers), Deere, Deere dealers, and Agronomists to quickly understand the basic dynamics of the key set of players in the industry. Based on those discussions, I created a series of vignettes to illustrate how data could play a key role in improving the communication between the land and the people involved in farming the land. A story that tried to emphasize that data alone does not replace, but rather enhances the relationships between the people that exist in the ecosystem.

Role: Creative Lead / CD
Year: 2014
Company: Salesforce