Creative Direction + Design


ROLE: Product Design (UX + UI)
CLIENT: Wright Auctions
YEAR: 2015


To redesign with an approachable fun personality as the "little sister" direct -to-consumer brand of Wright Auctions.



Helping a brand of brands create a fun way to shop for unique art, objects and vintage goods.


A few sample animatics


- Project Highlights - 


My Experience

This project was super fun for a couple of reasons. 1. I  got to stare at photos of amazing vintage furniture all day and 2. I got to sit around and work with some of the most talented designers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.



A note on motion

Too often designers in UX forget the interaction part of interaction design... how something moves and transitions as a part of confirming an action, delighting a customer or getting someones attention. I am not a skilled motion designer (I wish I was!) but I believe working in static alone is not enough.

I used a combination of "Examples in the wild" and rough animatics to communicate the key design intent for global interaction design and page transitions. Was that the best most polished way to do motion design? Absolutely not. But it got the point across and allowed me and the developers to have more meaningful conversations about the intent.

I believe whatever your personal tool kit, as a designer you have to find a way to bring the ideas to life with movement.



Key Deliverables

  • Motion / UX guide animatic
  • Page design references at key break points
  • Build Books for UI system to aid development

creative challenge:

Don't over design. Lets the personality of the vintage wares speak for themselves.