Year: 2009/ 2010

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Affordable design for everyone. This is what Target truly believes and does in everything they do from the products they carry to the way they advertise to their customers.

Redesigning was all about bringing the Target personality and “winky” quality of their approachable yet design-focused in store brand to their online experience - always driving toward great design at a great price.

My Role

  • Design & UX Lead - Detailed Design Team

  • Client Training on Modular Design / Design Systems

  • Design Governance

Project Details

This was a huge undertaking that required a great deal of coordination across several vendors, technologies and teams. At the height the project team globally was over 500 people. The team and project were very complex.

Target was standing up a new ecommerce platform, migrating off of the Amazon platform, which at the time was commonly used by retail companies other than Amazon. It required very close work between business analysts and the experience designers to capture unique and complex cases around product information and checkout. We we’re attempting to rebuild functionally everything they currently had while looking for opportunities to improve the experience and solve accessibility challenges the brand had with their previous .com experience.

Personal Insights

Coming up with the big idea is not the hard part. Seeing that big idea make it to implementation – where all the details get added and business requirements get debated is difficult and requires a great deal of focus, documentation and close collaboration when working in parallel with a lot of tracks of work.

Foundational design can't be skipped. Starting with a foundational design of key patterns and experience imperatives and a great design spirit is a MUST – but the details require governance, patience and humor. This is the “unsexy” work to most designers – but it is far harder and more rewarding than coming up with conceptual work that isn’t rooted in being developed.

Details matter. I would carry print outs of FSD documents, wireframes and the foundational style guide around with me reading every detail to ensure the design team was making smart design decisions in support for user needs and the greater design vision we were trying to help bring to life.

Traveling from Chicago to Minneapolis each week, sometimes my suitcase was mostly filled out with documentation covered in sticky notes and red mark up.

This work was completed while working as an Associate Creative Director at Sapient.

- Awarded Target Vice President Award Winner, May 2010